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56th Eastern Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition -東日本伝統工芸展

Akiya’s work was accepted for this year’s Eastern Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. He used a primitive hole type kiln for 6days. Pattern on the edge made by fingermark and 5 dots made by fire fuse together very well. 「Congratulations!!」 Please check out his works:

信楽-Visiting Shigaraki potteries making handmade ceramic

I’ve been to Shigaraki-cho for visiting the potteries. There are many IRODORI items that are individually hand-made. Texture and  color of handmade ceramic varies depending on the soil of an area.  I could feel all process are done carefully and heartily by a craftsmen. I hope you’ll enjoy next IRODORI collection! PHOTO: OGAWA  KENZO POTTERY

秋谷茂郎陶展-Akiya’s handmade ceramic exhibition

I went to Akiya’s handmade ceramic exhibition at Mukuri ( Dikanyama) in Tokyo Japan There was a lot of new beautiful work. His colors and textures are soft, warm and soothing. They give me a tactile familiarity and warmth when I hold them. IRODORI desire to help spread the spirits and technique of japanese craftsmen around the world. have a […]

お食い初め -Okuizome-

OKUIZOME is a ceremony held after 100 https://phonelookupbase.ca , 110 or 120 days after a baby’s birth. In this ceremony, the baby is made to pretend eating a meal with its parents‘ to give hope the newborn will never need to worry about food during its lifetime. The menu consists of one soup, three main and two […]