In recent years, Japanese food has become increasingly popular on menus abroad. But how many people experienced the essence of Japanese food culture?

For japanese people, the dishware has been considered very important, equal to the art of cooking. For example Rosanjin, a Japanese ceramic artist, left a wise saying.

   The dishware is like a kimono for cooking

A chef selects the most suitable dishware for each dish to bring out the best colour from all kind of its ingredients. In Japan it depends on the dishware, whether you make or break the dish. The word ‘IRODORI’ has the meaning of adding interest, charm and brightness, besides the meaning of coloring.

IRODORI is very important for enjoying a meal not only with the tongure but also the eye. We believe it makes your life and food experience richer, when meeting our dishware.


IRODOR I「彩り」 という言葉の意味は色という意味の他に、おもしろみや風情、華やかさを付け加えるという意味があります。 料理を舌だけでなく、目で楽しんでもらう為に、彩りを添えるのです。私たちの器を通して、そういった日本人の見えないおもてなしの心に触れてもらえればと思います。そのことが、人生をより豊かにしてくれると信じております。