irodori.ch_ exhibition japanische Keramik in Zürich

We would like to thank all our visitors who came to see us at the “Gallery am Lindenhof” in Zurich city. We were really surprised to not only having existing customers, that came from near and very far, but also occasional customers who took interest to see and feel IRODORI. For us it was a […]

Ceramics Webshop Redesign

beautiful handmade ceramic from japan

Redesign of our Ceramics webshop We are happy to announce, that had a Redesign. We would love to continue to deliver our happy customers with handmade Kitchen supplies from Japan. Handmade Ceramics Shop You can find a selection of veramic vases, plates, bowls, sauciers, cutlery, cups, caddies, disposable tableware and much more in our shop […]