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信楽-Visiting Shigaraki potteries making handmade ceramic

I’ve been to Shigaraki-cho for visiting the potteries. There are many IRODORI items that are individually hand-made. Texture and  color of handmade ceramic varies depending on the soil of an area.  I could feel all process are done carefully and heartily by a craftsmen. I hope you’ll enjoy next IRODORI collection! PHOTO: OGAWA  KENZO POTTERY

秋谷茂郎陶展-Akiya’s handmade ceramic exhibition

I went to Akiya’s handmade ceramic exhibition at Mukuri ( Dikanyama) in Tokyo Japan There was a lot of new beautiful work. His colors and textures are soft, warm and soothing. They give me a tactile familiarity and warmth when I hold them. IRODORI desire to help spread the spirits and technique of japanese craftsmen around the world. have a […]

お食い初め -Okuizome-

OKUIZOME is a ceremony held after 100, 110 or 120 days after a baby’s birth. In this ceremony, the baby is made to pretend eating a meal with its parents’ to give hope the newborn will never need to worry about food during its lifetime. The menu consists of one soup, three main and two side dishes. […]